Safety & Security

The crime wave sweeping our district, the Twin Cities, and our country is unacceptable. Minnesotans in the Third Congressional District deserve a safe place for their families to live, go to school, work, enjoy our American way of life, and live their own American Dream.

  • I will support our law enforcement, not abandon them like our current elected leaders. Importantly, I will fight to ensure our law enforcement have the resources they need to provide the safety and security our community deserves.
  • Individuals who commit crimes must be prosecuted, not coddled and allowed to avoid responsibility for their actions. Deterrence is contingent upon consequences. Without consequences, more crimes will inevitably occur.
  • I view safety & security as a continuum, from our Third Congressional District neighborhoods, to Minneapolis, to our Borders, to Afghanistan, to Ukraine, and to the South China Sea. It is a fundamental role of our government (local, state, and federal), to provide safety and security. The Biden Administration, with the votes and support of Congressman Phillips, along with state and local government leaders, have failed at this fundamental responsibility.

America's Economy

Sky-high prices at the grocery store and gas pump, broken supply chains, crippling worker shortages, and runaway government spending; our country is clearly on the wrong economic path. And American families are hurting because of it.

Our shared American prosperity is based on a small government, individual empowerment, and free market principles. The best steward of an individual’s hard-earned money is that individual. The Biden Administration and its allies in Congress have strayed from these values.

Economic prosperity enables the American Dream. I will fight to ensure our American remains a “Land of Opportunity” and does not become the “Land of Entitlement.”


  • Inflation is not just an economic buzz word for politicians and economist to endlessly debate. Inflation hits hard-working Minnesotans in the face every day as we buy food, pump fuel, and heat our homes.
  • I will support reigning in federal spending, enabling domestic energy production, and reducing unnecessary regulations to ease inflation and increase spending power for all Minnesotans.


  • Minnesotans know how to work. Minnesotans know how to create jobs. Our federal government should trust America’s free market principles. Instead of stifling our economy with high taxes, needless regulation, and bureaucratic red tape; the Biden Administration should focus on policies to empower ingenuity, hard work, charity, and innovation to build American prosperity.

Divisiveness in America

The effort to continually divide our nation along lines of race, political party, sex, religion, zip code, etc; is only hurting America and Americans. Americans are individuals, with individual freedoms and liberties; not merely pawns for professional politicians and bureaucrats to divide into factions. 

We are the United States of America. United, meaning “joined together for a common purpose, or by common feelings.” Americans do have a shared history, culture, and way of life. Americans will not always agree on all issues, but I will lead with the purpose of uniting, not dividing.

  • Our education system is the key to the future of the American Dream. Curriculums that focus on teaching all subjects at all times through a prism of race and division do not teach our children History, Math, English, Science or reality; rather it seeds further division.
  • Critical Race Theory and teaching students that America is a systemically racist country has no place in our school system. Parents deserve to be heard regarding what their children are taught and empowered with School Choice.
  • Finding solutions to our problems through a shared American perspective, as opposed to divided factions of society, is the only way to truly solve problems and improve our American way of life.