America's Economy

Sky-high prices at the grocery store and gas pump, broken supply chains, crippling worker shortages, and runaway government spending are unacceptable. Our country is following the wrong economic path, and Minnesota’s families are hurting because of it.

Our shared American prosperity is based on a small government, individual empowerment, and free market principles. The best steward of an individual’s hard-earned money is that individual. The Biden Administration, with the votes and support of Congressman Phillips, has strayed from these values.

I will work to stop the irresponsible spending of President Biden and Congressman Phillips. Minnesotans of the 3rd District need a check on President Biden’s and the far-left irresponsible spending.  Congressman Phillips is a rubber stamp, I will be the check, bringing back balance to our government.

I will fight to ensure America remains a “Land of Opportunity” and does not become the “Land of Entitlement.”


Inflation is not just an economic buzz word for politicians and economists to endlessly debate. Inflation hits hard-working Minnesotans in the face every day as we buy food, pump fuel, and send our kids back to school.

To lower inflation, I will:

Rein in federal spending

Promote domestic energy production to regain America’s energy independence

Reduce unnecessary regulations


Minnesotans know how to work. Minnesotans know how to create good jobs. Our federal government should trust America’s free market principles. Instead of stifling our economy with high taxes, needless regulation, and bureaucratic red tape, we should focus on policies to empower ingenuity, hard work, charity, and innovation to build American prosperity.

To promote competition, mobility, and expand the workforce, I will:

Support labor policies that limit regulations

Support labor policies that incentivize ingenuity and innovation in the U.S

Crime and Public Safety

The crime wave sweeping our district, the Twin Cities, and our country is unacceptable. Minnesotans in the 3rd District deserve a safe community where their families can live, go to school, work, and pursue their American Dream. 

The role of government, at all levels, is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Based on my experiences, I understand the continuum of safety and security from our 3rd District neighborhoods, to Minneapolis, to our Southern Border, to Afghanistan, to Ukraine, to the South China Sea. The Biden Administration, Congressman Phillips, and local leaders have failed to fulfill this fundamental responsibility.

• I support our law enforcement, and I will not abandon them like Congressman Phillips, President Biden and other elected leaders have. 

I will never vote to eliminate Qualified Immunity for law enforcement, as Congressman Phillips did when he voted “YES” on HR 1280.

I will fight to ensure our law enforcement professionals have the resources they need to provide the safety and security our community deserves.

I will support policies that maintain that individuals who commit crimes must be prosecuted, not coddled and allowed to avoid responsibility for their actions. Deterrence is contingent upon consequences. Without consequences, more crimes will inevitably occur.

National Security

"To be prepared for war, is one of the most effective means of preserving peace."

President George Washington

To deter war, and, if necessary, convincingly win a war -- this is the mission of our Armed Forces.  We need leaders in Congress who understand this and will ensure our military is resourced and laser focused on this mission. 

There are no members of Congress who have served on a submarine. Submarines, along with Space and Cyber, are the asymmetric game changers of Great Powers competition moving forward.  America needs National Security expertise in Congress.  My 20-years of operating submarines, conducting missions vital to National Security, conducting high level foreign diplomacy as Aide to the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, and working advanced programs at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill have uniquely qualified me to be an expert who Congress greatly needs. 

The errors and weakness demonstrated by the Biden Administration have emboldened Russia, China, Iran and others to more aggressively pursue their ambitions to fundamentally shift the world order.  Given the increasing risk of conflict abroad, deterrence, and knowing how to effectively implement it, is critical to our defense and preserving our way of life. 

I will use my 20 years of experience as a Submarine Officer in the US Navy to:

Ensure the safety and security of Americans home and abroad

Ensure our military is resourced and ready to deter conflict and decisively win, if necessary 

Ensure our Southern Border is secured.  Border security is part of National Security. 

Ensure America is positioned for security in the future


Our education system is the key to the American Dream. Parents are the key to educating their children. Parental involvement and school choice will improve education across Minnesota’s 3rd District and the country.

Curriculums that focus on teaching all subjects at all times through a prism of race and division do not serve our children well.  Rather, they seed further division. History, Reading, Math, English, Science and other core subjects must be the focus of our educational system.   

Parents must be empowered and encouraged to be involved in their child’s education, not pushed aside.

I support School Choice throughout the 3rd District and statewide. 

Curriculums must be open for all parents to see and influence. 


Our society must care for the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly. All human life is dignified and our laws must reflect that truth.

I am a strong defender of life, and will work to protect life from conception until natural death. 

A truly pro-life America cares for the most vulnerable— not only the unborn, but also the parents facing unexpected pregnancies and their children. Women facing unexpected pregnancies deserve our compassion and care. Compassion includes providing resources for prenatal care, adoption options, and paid parental leave.  I believe these measures will ultimately lead to fewer abortions in our country.

The recent federal legislation that Congressman Dean Phillips voted to advance allows abortion up to the moment before birth, as long as a medical professional will say it’s for a woman’s health.  The vast majority of Americans disagree with this extreme position. 

I welcomed the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Dobbs decision. Now, with the proper reading of the Constitution in place, the issue of abortion has been returned to the people through their state legislatures, where it belongs.

I will oppose laws that seek to legalize the intentional taking of a human life.

I will support policies that promote adoption. There are an estimated 2 million American couples waiting to adopt children and only 18,000 babies born in the U.S. are voluntarily placed for adoption per year (

I will defend life and support laws that limit abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, and life of the woman.

I will support policies that provide for the physical and mental health of women. 

I will support laws that help women through paid parental leave, enhanced federal nutrition programs, anti-discrimination protections for pregnant college students, and expanded child-support enforcement.