September 9, 2022

Star Tribune: Minnesota Republicans carefully calculate abortion stance after Roe overturned

Unlike Kistner, Republican congressional candidate and Navy veteran Tom Weiler put out a statement the day Roe was overturned, saying: “We have a duty to care for the most vulnerable among us from the very beginning of life until the end.”

But as Weiler tries to take back what was once seen as a suburban swing seat held by Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips, he maintains that “in Minnesota’s Third District, absolutely nothing has changed with abortion.”

Weiler said he’s “pro-life” but noted in an email that he “would support laws that allow for abortion in all instances of rape, incest or where the health of the women is at risk.” He also declined in an interview to specifically discuss a timeline of abortion bans after a certain number of weeks.

“I believe life begins at conception,” Weiler said. “So, to me, my personal belief is that. So, I think, when we talk about abortion, it’s this really emotional and intense discussion, as it should be, because in my opinion we’re talking about the life of a baby. And it’s a balance of the liberty of the woman who is pregnant and the life of the child.”

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