April 23, 2022

PUBLISHED BY admin_mgr

Tom Weiler Wins MNGOP Third District Endorsement

Plymouth, MN – Today, the delegates of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Third Congressional District voted to endorse Navy Submarine Veteran Tom Weiler to take on Congressman Dean Phillips this November. 

“I am overwhelmed with the support our campaign saw today to endorse my candidacy to take on Congressman Dean Phillips this November. We have built a team ready to win in Minnesota. We have earned the support of delegates, donors, and voters throughout the district. We have generated the energy and excitement from both Republicans and Independents needed to beat Congressman Dean Phillips,“ said Tom Weiler. 

Weiler continued, “Now is the time to band together as Republicans and take back a congressional seat that should be represented by a true conservative and not a liberal progressive like Congressman Phillips. This district is full of everyday Minnesotans who care about being able to afford to put food on the table, gas in their cars, their children’s education, and having a safe neighborhood to raise their children. This is my home and where I grew up. I look forward to working tirelessly to earn the votes of Minnesotans in the Third Congressional District.”


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