April 7, 2022

PUBLISHED BY admin_mgr

Tom Weiler on Mark Blaxill Suspending his Campaign & Supporting Tom Weiler Against Phillips

Plymouth, MN – Today, Tom Weiler, the endorsed Republican candidate for Minnesota’s Third Congressional District, released the following statement on Mark Blaxill suspending his campaign yesterday and supporting Tom Weiler to take on progressive Congressman Dean Phillips this November. 

“I want to thank Mark Blaxill, and Mark’s entire Team, for running a great race for the endorsement at the MN-03 convention. We share the values of limited government, safety and security for our community, and a desire to ensure all Minnesotans can pursue the American Dream. I am thankful for his support as I work to defeat progressive Congressman Dean Phillips this November, and Turn the Ship Around in Minnesota’s 3rd District,” said Tom Weiler.