May 31, 2022

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Tom Weiler Responds to Dean Phillips Flip-Flop on Supporting Local Law Enforcement

Plymouth, MN – Today, Republican and U.S. Navy Submarine Veteran Tom Weiler responds to Congressman Dean Phillips’ flip-flop on supporting Minnesota’s law enforcement with his support for a new police funding bill. Minnesotans remember in 2020 and 2021, Congressman Phillips hid from his leadership role and voted to effectively defund the police by supporting H.R. 1280: George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021. Congressman Phillips voted to add administrative requirements and eliminate protections for law enforcement; effectively reducing the number of police officers protecting and serving on the streets and making it harder to retain and recruit police officers.

“Today, Congressman Dean Phillips is finally acting like he supports Minnesota’s Law Enforcement. Better late than never. However, Minnesotans see right through his election year flip-flop on supporting the police. While Minneapolis burned and the 3rd Police Precinct was abandoned, Congressman Phillips ran away from his positional responsibility to be a leader in our community. He followed up his abandonment of the police in 2020 by voting to support House Resolution 1280 in 2021, which would effectively defund police on the streets and remove protections for police. Congressman Phillips’ actions clearly contributed to Minneapolis Police being undermanned by 300 officers today.” Mr. Weiler continued, “I will always support our police as they serve and protect our communities whether it is an election year or not. I understand service and real leadership from my 20-years in the Submarine Force and abandoning one’s role when times get tough is not it. It is sad that it takes a serious election challenger for Congressman Phillips to step up for the people of the 3rd District. Minnesotans deserve to live in a community where their families, friends, businesses, and property are safe and protected. I strongly support our Minnesota Law Enforcement. I know together we can Turn the Ship Around in our district, our state, and our country,” said Tom Weiler.


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